Sunday, 16 November 2008

Feathers, Bees, Terrariums and Pleasantrees...

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As the sun sets on another delightful weekend and the Jacaranda tree outside drifts in the afternoon breeze, I realise just how blessed I really am. A little shopping, a little creating and some very yummy hot chocolate and a stunning book, my weekend has just been one that should never end.

Friday afternoon my friend Joelene and I did a spot of shopping at Harmony Clothing and found ourselves totally in love with the entire Bauhaus summer collection. I ended up with three gorgeous tees as I have been looking for some really cute tops for so long and I have now decided when you find a good thing... buy them all!

Just had to have this cute Tux tee and how could I resist the irony of Teacher's Pet!

Feather Tee

Saturday morning we had a lovely time exploring Pleasantrees during Spring. The gardens are so amazing and to see the changes throughout the year has been just delightful. Of course I wouldn't leave without a little purchase and found an amazing bag whispering my name from behind the french linen and soaps. I also finally got to finish off Tara's belated birthday present and will be sending it tomorrow! There are so many beautiful surprsises at Pleasantrees I had a lovely time capturing some for you.

My beautiful 'Bee Tote' created by Villa Maison

Stunning Spring Blossoms

Divine secret bird houses..
The sun creeping through the vines...

Tara's pressie wrapped and ready to send...

Saturday afternoon brought many discussion with the PJP crew as we are finalising our first grant application for the Australian Council of the Arts. We also discussed some very hasty plans to put an entry into next years Tropfest. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to begin creating and filming.

I've also been in the creating zone bringing to life a little idea I had the other night while I was thinking about the gorgeous little movie Penelope. I was just totally in love with the little terrariums she had scattered around her bedroom.

Still from 'Penelope'

My terrariums are handmade using a collage of fabrics on felt and hand embroidery to create surrounding detail they are simply blooming with delight. With so many variations and lovely plants to create this is just the first of my terrarium collection there will be plenty more to come.

Spring Bloom Terrarium Pendant in my shop now.

I just love the idea of wearable art especially of the plant variety.

Well I will leave you tonight with the stunning little book I am currently reading The Ghost's Child by Australian author Sonya Hartnett. If you are in need of an enchanting, heartfelt tale of love and chasing beauty it is an absolute must!

Wishing everyone a fabulous week, take a moment to see all the amazing moments that make up a day.

Much love

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