Sunday, 26 October 2008

On the eve of all things mysterious..

Just when I think the weeks can't get any busier they just continue to fill up and roll on by! I've had another busy weekend, working on my teaching portfolio for work and spending time in my studio creating some interesting bits and pieces.

First off my bestie Courtney asked me to make her a Halloween outfit similar to some costumes that I made for a theatre production. I had a fabulous time recreating a skirt and 18th century choker to match.
The skirt is made from faux velvet, lace, and organza.

18th century inspired choker complete with vintage button engraved with initials

The choker was an after thought but I am so happy with the way it turned out I'm going to make some for my little shop in both black and cream. For any time you want to feel like Marie Antoinette !

I've also create my first piece of mixed media artwork which can now be purchased in my little shop. I had an idea during the week about creating a piece of art the mixed my favourite worlds of art and literature and so I created 'Les Girls'.

Collage on a 1950's book with vintage postcard and drawings

I wanted it to feel as if the book was found in the depths of an early 20th century haberdashery shop.

I have also been working on some ideas for the festive season. I wanted to make some old world Christmas decorations inspired by a beautiful tree my Aunt had years ago that was filled with the most beautiful decorations. I've got one in the shop and will be making more next weekend.

Using an old typewriter I've been able to personalise each decoration with text and embroidery.

A strawberry update, just had to show you my strawberries are loving the weather at the moment and finally one has a strawberry like colour.

If I get enough growing I would love to make some jam.

Speaking of jam I made some really yummy home made muffins this afternoon (whilst procrastinating from doing my portfolio). I made them using a recipe from How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson, my all time favourite cook book. The recipe was Strawberry Jam muffins but I replaced the strawberry with Rose's plum and cinnamon jam (its so beautiful!) and they turned out really well! Perfect for afternoon tea.

Sophie's plum and cinnamon jam muffins...

Well I'm off to cook dinner and watch Australian Idol. Going to Melbourne on Wednesday with my friend Joelene and three students for a Social Justice conference. Should be lots of fun. Have a lovely and inspiring week.

Much love xx

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