Sunday, 19 October 2008

A new adventure!

Well after buying such fabulous bits and pieces over the past few days I have been so inspired to create I just had to post some of the things I have been working on. It has been such a busy and rewarding weekend I didn't get as much finished as I wanted to but I'm so thrilled with what I have created. First of all I would like to introduce you to my very new shop... it's the first time I have had a solo project and I'm so excited about the whole feel. Introducing Sophie Isobel Designs.

Thanks to my fabulous sister for designing my beautiful flyer and banner.

I really wanted my love for all things vintage to shine though all my pieces. My addiction to collecting notes and old postcards has also helped to shape the direction of my work as well as an eternal love (which I inherited from my grandmother) for handbags.

My first design in a faithful tote bag, because you can never have too many! I wanted to keep the design really simple and embellish each with its own little work of art.

'Epic Poetry' Tote

Detail on the pocket with vintage lace, measuring tape and mother of pearl button

I'm planning a whole series of these tote bags each with a unique piece. I just love the whole idea of usable art. After seeing my tote bag my besty Courtney asked if I would make her a little needle case for her wool needles and I had a great time creating this little case inspired by the amazing cases that Hens Teeth creates.

Needle case with felt inside- vintage lace and button

As I mentioned in my last post I now working on my very first piece of collage art using all the materials I adore. As my days have disappeared before my eyes between doing makeup for dress rehearsal for school Gala and marking year 11 essays I'm only sketching out all my ideas but keep your eyes out because I can't wait to put it all together. What I do have to show you is one of my drawings which will feature in this collage. It is based by a drawing from one of my favourite books The Glass of Fashion by Cecile Beaton.

Her name is Forzane an actress from 1911.

I thought she was just adorable and she is the perfect as a guest at my tea party collage. I will post an update later on is the week with my progress.

Well I'm off to watch the ARIAS. Have a wonderful week full of laughter and spring sunshine. I will leave you with a photo I took at 7am on Friday morning. I was laying in bed and saw this beautiful view out the window and just had to capture it.

Much love xx

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