Thursday, 23 October 2008

I heart mail!

I got home yesterday to find a lovely little package waiting for me. I just love mail! I was so excited to see it was from my dear friends Tara and Caleb who have just come back from an amazing honeymoon in Bali had sent us delightful pressies they found on their adventures. I just love the amazing things these two find!

These owls now take centre stage above the fire place. They are so adorable! My collection continues..

And these gorgeous little earrings Tara picked out. I had them on the moment I unwrapped them!

So my busy week continues including some fantastic meetings with PJP (Poetic Justice Publishing) about the readings and art events we are holding next year. It's all very exciting! I've also been working on some little bits and pieces for my new shop. As the ideas and inspiration keep flowing I can barely keep up. This little hand embroided felt postcard will be part of an upcoming collage.

I love the idea that Lewis Carroll is receiving postcards from his literary characters inviting him to a tea party...

I'm off to relax before a busy Friday, plenty more to come over the weekend. Hope you're having a lovely week...


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