Saturday, 18 October 2008

Fabric, antiques and inspiration!

It has been a little while since my last blog, I've been storing up a stash of fabulous things to show you. Recently I have been really inspired by some incredible artists and creative kinds especially, Sally Smart, Hens Teeth, Lovely Paper and Marmee Craft to really find my creative direction and create beautiful things that I have been thinking about for years. I have been making lots of notes and sketches and am now experimenting with some tote bags and collages (you will see them soon I promise). I'm so excited about the results and really feel I'm finding my own little space in the big wide world of creativity. What I wanted to show now is some lovely goodies that I purchased with the lovely assistance of my hubby this morning on our creative outing. These will all become a part of my brand new adventure!

The first piece is an early Christmas present from by lovely hubby. I have been looking for a set of old library file-card drawers ever since I saw one on Oh Joy (an amazing site, check it out) and fell in love! I thought my love for books needed to be complimented by this adorable cabinet. So today at Rose Harvest I could not believe it when I found this under an old desk. I just love it to pieces and it will be fabulous storage for my little studio.

The whole cabinet is lined with metal drawers, for all those lovely old library cards, so we had a laugh getting it out of the shop because it weighs 20kgs!

Can't wait to fill it with it with all my bits and pieces.

Also at Rose Harvest I found some sweet little 1950's hard covers which will be perfect for collages. The names of the books just made me giggle. I particularly like Steamboat Gothic!

The reason I went to Rose Harvest in the first place was to find some old post cards for my collages, you can see I have a bit of a soft spot for old paper and ephemera. I was lucky enough to find a few amazing old post cards and a fabulous photo, one that dates back to 1909.

I just love the photograph of the man in the suit, think it might be the trees or perhaps the little bowler hat.

My other little find was a very adorable little owl. Although not an antique I just could not walk out without him. He now has pride of place next the my Eiffel Tower on my little writing desk.

And on the way back how could I resist a stop in at Spotlight, we were driving straight past. I was told I needed to have a plan and I was on time restrictions (no one seems to like Spotlight as much as I do!) so off we went running around to find a list full of things. The bags and collages I am creating have a lot of small details, different fabrics and other bits and pieces so I had a fabulous time finding the perfect fabrics.

My Spotlight collection, minus the glue and canvas. Some lovely cream cotton and deep indigo denim for some beautiful bags.

I was so eager to get started on my ideas last night that I stopped in at the little haberdashery shop in town on my way home from work and found some beautiful fabric, which I have already created into a sweet little tote bag.

While I was deep in creation last night I searched through a suitcase of bits and pieces I received for my grandmother's friend and I discovered some fabulous little delights. I was in search of the perfect button for my tote and I don't think I will ever be short choice with the collection I inherited.

Just the cream and white selection!

During my search I also found some wonderful vintage sewing paraphernalia, including a measurement guide and old tape measure.

The last purchase I have to show you before I go back into my studio to work on my collage is a gorgeous little top I bought yesterday afternoon from Pink Peppa. I just had to have it!

Birds and trees, just lovely!

Well that's all for now will be posting pictures of my completed tote bag and hopefully finished collage tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday night!

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