Wednesday, 21 May 2008

A day in the life..

The days are getting shorter, the nights continually colder and the beauty of country Victoria could not be more amazing. The shades of autumn leaves and the distant aroma of wood burning on an open fire, Mildura dances upon the senses. To try and capture so of these inspiring moments I took my camera to work with me today. So here is a day in my life.. (ps. I did cut out all the boring teaching bits)

Our little cottage complete with roses (just don't look at the lack of grass)

The beautiful trees that line Walnut Avenue

Leaves from my favourite tree (I love Autumn)
A self portrait as I was walking as you can see I was quite cold!

My Desk (things you might discover on it):
A pomegranate (a colleague grows them)
An overflowing things to do box
Students artwork (the bird, comic strip, butterfly and snowman)
Cards, a photo of my sister and bestie at my wedding
Lots of other junk!

The school grows incredible varieties of roses, this is my favourite.
It reminds of the colour of french champagne.

The sunsets and bare trees are stunning in the afternoon.
This is the view down 12th Street

One of my favourite gardens on my walk home, I just adore Cottage inspired gardens.

That was just a few photos from my day, I'm looking forward to wondering around town to take some more.

Now for a book club update, well Courtney's choice 'The tea house on Mulberry Street' by Sharon Owens was so fabulous I read the whole book over the weekend. What a delight! We will be writing our reviews shortly. For now it is a gorgeous weekend read about love, new beginnings and really yummy cheesecake!

Having enjoyed our first book club read I was very excited to choose our second. Keeping in the theme of all things to do with love and good food I have chosen the classic 'Chocolat' by Joanne Harris. I have been meaning to read it for years and can't wait to curl up by the fire and begin.

This library copy has certainly been well read.

Looking forward to a 5 degree start tomorrow, bring on those mittens Courtney! Will be updating later in the week hopefully with my finished baby blanket for Declan. My next project.. learning to crochet!

Hope everyone is enjoying their week
ttfn x

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  1. I borrowed chocolat today from the library, it has also been very well read! same cover as yours, Im about 10 pages in so far, she writes so beautifully! I can just see this one being devoured over several cups of tea! We need to write our review for cute tea shop book! I just loved it to bits!

    your mittens are half way done, im still waiting for a few measurements from you so I dont knit them too big! I cant go on my hands cause they are a little bigger than yours, ill knit a few more rows and start the other one till I know the right measurements!

    missing you dearly
    xoxo Courtney


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