Sunday, 4 May 2008

Congratulations all round...

Congratulations and celebrations are in order for a few people this week.

Firstly after much anticipation my sister in law finally gave birth to a beautiful little boy. Congratulations to Anna and Matt on their new arrival. Declan Matthew Eves was born of the 30th of April.

Isn't he adorable!
Thank you to Matt for the gorgeous photo!

In other news, congratulations to Paul my brother in law for his appearance on the New Inventors! The Snake Pick was a huge success and is a sure bet for the People's favourite! For more info check out the website.

One more celebration for my grandmother, Happy Birthday for yesterday Nan! Sending you much love. Wish I was there to have a champagne with everyone! She is an incredible woman who inspires me everyday.

Mum, Nan and I together.

Well I best be off to mark some essays so I will have time this afternoon to try my hand at making another satchel.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends x

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