Friday, 28 March 2008

Inspired Interior Designing..

After reading the latest Real Living magazine and pouring through Anna's blog I had a sudden burst of inspiration give my little lounge room a face lift. After running the slightly 'out there' colour scheme by husband and to my surprise getting the ok, I set about putting my ideas on paper, in my lovely moleskine journal...
After a quick trip to Spotlight and to the local cheap shop (trying to do it on a budget) I got sewing in my little little studio.
And I must say I'm very happy with the results, I made the cushion covers, table runner and black throw. I got really lucky with the throw fabric, it was discontinued so I got a metre free! I love a good bargain!

My husband and I got a bit creative with a few cheap canvases and created some 'abstract' art for the walls! I love white oriental lilies and I was really lucky to get these just before Easter and due to our crazy cold weather at the moment they have kept really well. I also love my brocade box, $6 at the cheap shop! Now all I have to do is keep it tidy!

Hope everyone has a lovely night!
Happy Friday x

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