Tuesday, 16 September 2014

This Old Love..

Eight years ago today.. on a beautiful Spring afternoon, two kids crazy madly in love decided to tie the knot.  It feels like both a lifetime ago and only yesterday all wrapped into one.  And in those eight years we have found a deeper love than I ever imagined could exist.  A love that transcends time, a love that continues to grow, evolve and expand toward the horizon of our dreams and adventures.  A love that still makes my heart skip a beat.  An old love, that feels like home. 

Much Love

PS. Here's a little bit of our love story.. 

Monday, 15 September 2014

Everyday Moments..

A few favourites - Tucked up high away from curious little hands..
What most afternoons look like - After exploring the neighbourhood & foraging wild flowers..
Spring cleaning - Oh how I love an organised craft room..
Spring planting - Recycling egg cartons for our tomato and capsicum seeds, so excited about this little crop..
Wrapping little gifts - With an enthusiastic helper..
Happy new plants - Patiently awaiting prettier pots..

What's been happening in your everyday moments?
Much Love


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: Precious afternoon moments on the swing.. Growing up so fast!

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love

So thankful 

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Amidst a quiet moment of morning yoga, I was thinking about the heartwarming conversation shared on my post on Tuesday.  Each comment resonated so deeply with me and I couldn't help but notice a common thread, one of finding balance. It reminded me of the journey I've taken over the past two years and I realised that balance has been something I've been spending time consciously contemplating and writing about.  

Life balance truly is a journey and with each new day, a shift in balance is required. This is something, since becoming a mother, I'm become more and more aware of. As we walked today, I noticed an elderly lady weeding her garden, in almost the same spot she was the previous day and the day before that. I couldn't help but wonder why she would keep weeding everyday, after all the weeds would still be there if she let them go for a little while and turned her attention elsewhere. I realised, as I kept walking that the practice of finding balance is perhaps like, weeding the garden. It never really ends and once you have this awareness, you realise that it's perfectly ok.  I think I was trying to find that life balance and just be done with it, like finding a solution to a problem. But life is constantly changing and on the journey you consciously shift that balance, to keep moving, tending to the weeds, helping the good things to grow.   

And some days it's not easy, things get overwhelming, just as I felt the other day with blogging. After reading your comments, I realised that there are always opportunities to find balance, to shift your consciousness and change perspective, even in just a few minutes. So here's a list I've made for myself as a reminder, as I focus on cultivating balance in my life.  
Move Your Body- For me walking, yoga and getting into the garden always help to shake things up and leave me with a fresh and more centered perspective.   

Turn Inward - A few slow breaths and if time allows a short meditation or moment of stillness, allows for a re-connection within.  When life's busy and things feel out of control, finding that moment with my breath has proven to be a really powerful tool.  

Talk it Out - It can feel so good to get something off your chest, just to talk it out with someone. I'm an over thinker and so often I'm make things out in my head to be so much worse than they really are.  My mum is always my go to, when I just need let it all go.  And after a few minutes of  babbling and sometimes a good cry, I always feel so much better. 

Go Outside - One of my favourites and a way I always cheer Tallow up, when we are both feeling a little unbalanced.  Take off your shoes, ground yourself and feel the connection you have with everything around you. Pull a few weeds, watch the butterflies, sit on the grass and just soak up the goodness.  

Reflect -  Grab your journal, a blank piece of paper or a new blog post and just write.  Sometimes I find long hand more soothing, but typing can be really effective too. After I wrote Tuesday's post, I felt an instant sense of relief, and a really strong connection to my blog.  Taking the time to reflect and process all those thoughts really allowed me to shift my perspective and find the plan I was searching for. 

Practice Mindfulness and Gratitude - Perhaps the most important on my list and something I'm working on everyday.  Practicing mindfulness and gratitude really is life changing.  I have experienced it first hand.  Journaling is a wonderful way to begin cultivating this practice as is taking time to create earth offerings, writing letters or doing any of the above.  I'm noticing that living more mindfully is having a profound impact on my life.  

I love that the act of blogging, is such a reflective process, a way to release and send those random thoughts that so often swirl around in your head, out into the world where they can connect with others and often gain new perspective.  It's been a wonderful week of insight for me as I redefine why it is I love to sit down and connect in this way, and how I can make time and find the balance to do what brings me joy.  I look forward to sharing my plan (which includes rethinking the way I use social media and really getting in touch with what I love about blogging) with you soon.  

Much Love to you on your journey for balance. 
 Keep weeding that garden & enjoy the sunshine!

PS. I must be turning into a bit of a green thumb with all these gardening metaphors.
PPS. For a fabulous insight into 'fitting it all in', please stop by and read Maxabella's three part blog post. It's so good! Love your work Bron! Thanks to the lovely Trudie & Nicole for reminding me to re-read it! I've been back three times to take notes.