Tuesday, 19 August 2014

As We Walk..

As we walk, there is a softness in the air. 
 While the passers by make their way home, busying themselves with daily routine, we wander by the river each afternoon, reconnecting with the earth and with each other.

Each day tells a different story, a new painting in the afternoon sky.  Each day new buds begin to blossom, gardens come to life and springtime daffodils lift their heads to the last moments of sun.

The gums blaze burnt orange, the river runs with boundless beauty.
And I embrace it all, in every step. I breath in deeply, full of gratitude, for precious moments like these.

Much Love

Sunday, 17 August 2014


"A portrait of my daughter, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Tallow: Just hanging out in her trolley.. 

 Joining Jodi's beautiful 52 project
 Much Love

Thursday, 14 August 2014

These Days - Late Winter..

These days the sun is shining and the days seem full of possibilities.  I'm in the midst of a beautiful crochet whirlwind, finishing off the last few crochet mandalas ready to be photographed for Wilde Asher over the weekend.  All going to plan I'll have them up online to purchase on Monday and I must admit I'm a bit excited to see the collection come together. My journal is slowly filling with inspiring images and words from the heart. Within the pages is a peaceful calm, a space where dreams are embraced and seeds are planted.  

The days are getting longer and afternoon family walks are our favourite time of the day.  We explore little side streets, check out lovely gardens and collect gum leaves.  We talk about our days and what's for dinner and we talk about how we can help to make the world a better place for our rainbow girl. 

 I've got a new favourite spot to enjoy a pot of tea.  Completely second hand, upclycled and handmade, this little corner just outside the kitchen, over looking the herbs and veggie garden is making me very happy indeed.

There is an abundance of almonds, so we are making almond meal, almond butter and can't wait to try out almond milk too.  We are getting the imperfect ones from a local grower, which are just perfect for us and even more perfect for making fabulous vegan almond and cacao biscuits.

I've been working on a exciting magazine article that's got me so ready for the seasonal change.  Connecting with the seasons each day really has changed my whole world. I've realise more each day that I really had been letting the true beauty of life pass me by and as cliche as it may be, stopping to smell the flowers really is all kinds of wonderful.

These days are a riot of colour and foliage.  It's hard not to be smile with bunches of wattle, jonquils and rocket flowers filling our home. Spring is in the air and we are embracing that beautiful quote, 'bloom where you are planted'.

Much Love

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Wisps of Magic..

Wisps of magic gather about the corners of our home.
With each afternoon walk, a little something new is gathered and each fossick of the garden brings a bounty of sweet delights.
Nestled upon bookshelves, preserved in vases, gifts from mother nature are thoughtfully treasured.
He lovingly calls me the lavender thief.
And who could resist just a delicate sprig or two from a happy garden hedge.
As Spring unfurls her delicate petals, each new day is a paintbox of perfumed magic.

Much Love